Healthy eating: the key to runners

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The human body is an incredible machine that when demanded and always put to the limit

He will seek to find a way to respond until the last breath. This is crucial for any
athlete who is at a competitive level where this factor becomes decisive, without
however for racing lovers and those who have already adopted an unstoppable passion for
running, that degree of demand takes them to the highest threshold for being one of the sports that most
It can demand energy from the body.
When you think about what you should consume to expect better performance,
many options arise but at the same time many other concerns that are being tailored
that goes deeper into the great world of running. At first it is very likely to think
that the best option is to eliminate some foods but it is important to understand that depending
of the training plan to be set, its objectives and the proper condition of its
organism will be more precise to find what your body may need and therefore what food
They must always be there. In this part it is always recommended to advise on
first instance of a nutritionist to have a more accurate and accurate view of
what can work best for your body that is not always what will work for the rest
of brokers in the same way and vice versa.



The following aspects about food or nutrition parameters are the generalities that are
consider more relevant when training:

-Caloric intake of food:
For a person who is not active and does not constantly perform physical activity, your
organism ask for energy that is supplemented with about 2,000 calories average, but for a runner
that trains constantly and in turn participates in competitions of several kilometers, the
Calorie requirement is easily doubled so that your body responds properly and not
faint in the attempt.


-Carbs and fats consumption:
They are the sources of energy that many athletes turn to, for example carbohydrates
They are found mainly in foods such as rice, pasta, among others that supplement and
complement the reserves that the human body has when demanding it in an activity
sporty. In the case of fats, foods such as fish and nuts are recommended.
They include polyunsaturated fatty acids such as omega 3 and 6.


-The protein must be present:
Proteins are considered a minor source of energy but contribute to develop and repair
the muscles. It is estimated that the protein intake should be 1.2 to 1.4 grm per kilo of weight.


-Diet based on fresh foods not fried or processed:
The best diets are those that should always include products such as fruits they provide
Vitamins, energy and fiber. The fried people present in fast foods are not the best friends of a
athlete and should be excluded if you are really thinking of giving the body the best.


This is an aspect that can be thought of as exclusive or should be treated separately, but not
It is so and it is decisive because if you do not have good hydration, no matter how much you eat, the
Lack of liquid in the body will be noticed in performance when training or competing.

Before training:

-Not going out with an empty stomach, eating fruit, corn flakes or some dried fruit such as almonds will cause
there is no feeling of emptiness in the stomach.

After training:

-It is important that the body recovers what it spent, including replenishing fluids and salts


Finally there may be more guidelines to consider in the area of ​​food that help
to maximize the performance of a broker, the bottom line in this issue is that each
runner must appropriate it and find the best combination that helps your body to function
optimally at different times that you require throughout your career as an athlete
Amateur or professional.